X22 REPORT, Nov. 8, 2019

Optics Are Very Important, The Setup, The Takedown – Episode 2016a

X22 Report – Financial News

The Trump administration now control the economic narrative, the [CB] was just setup, optics are very important. China put out a story that tariffs would be removed in phases when each part of the deal is made. Trump administration reminds everyone that Trump has the authority do remove tariffs. The Fed does not like what Texas is doing, they seeing where it is all headed.

Message Sent, Caught The Swamp, They Never Thought She Would Lose – Episode 2016b

X22 Report – Political, Geopolitical News

The [DS] impeachment plan is a big failure. The leaked transcripts are now showing the opposite, but the plan (their original script from early 2017) was to keep this going.  Evidence is now in favor of the patriots. The WB lawyer’s (Zaid, rabid anti-Trumper, Democratic operative) past is now starting to catch up with him. Many people being arrested for child pornography. Trump mentions that he ‘caught’ the swamp, the message received, the swamp is going down.