Vocal Profiles: Central Bankers’ Split Personalities, Conflicts, Lies w/ Doctor Sharry Edwards

Vocal Profiles: Central Bankers’ Split Personalities, Conflicts, Lies w/ Doctor Sharry Edwards (Part 1 of 2)

Sarah Westall

Show Description: Dr. Sharry Edwards rejoins the show to discuss more vocal profiles but this time she shares what she learned about the central bankers. The profiles show that almost all of them are not telling the truth and have profiles of a person with split personalities. There are conflicts, lies, and fantasies about the future. This show was a lot of work to put together with the video clips and the readings. Hopefully this helps you get a glimpse into the mindset of the worlds most powerful bankers. You can learn more about Dr. Sharry Edwards and also purchase her vocal print software at http://SoundHealthOptions.com. Use code “Sarah47” to get a free gift.

William Dudley – former Central Banker, keeping the public in the dark. He is withholding information, not very honest. He wants to control the outcome, the future.

Mark Carney – Gov. Bank of England, Carbon Tax banking proposal, world-wide digital currency, control of all the gov’ts of the world, control over the money to force the ‘green’ agenda. He feels he should be in control, should make decisions for ‘the people’. Justice.

Jerome Powell – current chairman of the Federal Reserve. He loves carrying out ideas.

Most of these bankers have a split personality. They say one thing to the people and another thing behind doors. They want a global currency, to control the population, and make decisions for the people who they regard as being ‘stupid’.

William Foster – Senior Analyst, Moody’s, he pivots around control of something physical… More truthful, really likes justice.