The View! Really? Waffle Female Opinions in America… Demands for Impeachment of Donald Trump

Allan Ivarsson Author... of Books

Feature Image: Monument Valley in Colorado USA


I don’t believe in debates… I have never during my entire life seen anyone really win a debate. As Dale Carnegie once identified, which I learned in my youth, back in the early 1970’s, people in conflict, always walk away from each other with the same opinion still.

I refuse to ever engage in debates.

Every person should simply have the courage to table their belief system, their policy thoughts, and let others decide for themselves what they believe.

We can observe and learn, or we can run away afraid to face reality, or we can hide our head in the sand like an Ostrich, or we can hide in a burrow like a rabbit, only coming out when we think it is safe, until we are caught.

Or we can have the courage to stand up and be counted, fighting for the…

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