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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Hold your thoughts high, for dreams do come true. And, if they do not, you have held the joy of your dream. Dream to your heart’s content, for your dreams lead you to a higher path.

The nature of man is to dream. Without dreams, what is a man?

If you have forgotten your dreams, remember them now. Conjure new ones. There is no dream that cannot come true, but it is not that dreams must come true. It is that you must have dreams. Without dreams, you are barren.

Dreams are what you seek. They let you know what you are looking for, and they draw to you that which you dream of. Your heroic dreams draw heroism to you. The universe expands according to your dreams.

Dreams come from the heart, and then dreams fill your head.

Man is meant to be a dreamer. He is…

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