Arcturin Council of Light: We Are in Awe

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: How are your feeling? The article below explains just how spiritual folk should KNOW and feel from the Arcurian Council of Light. You, Lightworkers and Light Warriors have achieved great success in overcoming “black blankets” of dark karmic energy allowing the Earth to sparkle as a gem.

Need a lift? Please read this article exulting the progress of upgrades for the Earth and Hue-manity. Be ready for manifestation as your heart opens, your eyes see with NEW clarity, and relish your ability to BE…



are here with great tidings. The final membrane was broken through,
aligned with Aries full moon, the crystal children’s moontime. We are in
awe. We are in jubilation. We dance, we sing, we soar. We share all
that is angelic, wondrous, magnificent and glorious in the multi verse
with those who made the final leap. We are one. We dance among…

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