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Why the Whistleblower Shouldn’t Remain Anonymous


A controversy has emerged over whether the anonymous “whistleblower”—whose complaint about the July 25 call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky led to the impeachment inquiry—should be identified and appear as a live witness or anonymously answer written questions submitted by Trump’s lawyers.

Trump is being accused of high crimes, yet, under the Democrat’s rules, he has been shorn of his right to confront his accuser… a right granted by the Constitution.

The only gift we can give

Love's Beginning

Here is today’s gift, and the gift we give every day: What we offer you is the realization that you are victim to nothing. If you are victim to nothing, then no one else in your drama can be victim to anything, either. If it appears that there are victims, remember that this is the drama you are projecting, and it is reflecting your belief in victimhood back to you. All belief in egoic thought represents the fear of Love, of your true identity. The idea of victimhood is the struggle to make a separate identity. You can drop the struggle. That is your invitation every day.

You can believe suggested thought or not. Suggested thoughts come to you from what you are–Love–or from ego. Ego is a thought-producer you made in order to give an experience of physicality and separate, vulnerable identity. Ego makes a playground, a hellish playground…

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FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-4-19… “With puppets like Obama, Pelosi and Netanyahu gone, Khazarian mafia resorts to nuclear blackmail”

Kauilapele's Blog

Here is the full weekly report from Ben.

As with all of Benjamin’s posts, feel free to “tune in” to that Higher Discernment while reading.

“The battle to liberate the planet Earth is reaching a crescendo as Khazarian mafia puppet politicians are being systematically hunted down and killed or arrested, Pentagon and MI6 sources say. At the same time, the cabal has initiated surrender negotiations, according to sources in the White Dragon Society and Earth Alliance.

“A clear sign we are facing an unusual situation is that Israel shut down its embassies worldwide, ostensibly because of a labor dispute. This shutdown is widely interpreted as nuclear blackmail, since Israeli embassies are known to contain nuclear weapons. However, Pentagon sources say Israel was forced to shut down all of its embassies “because they may house nukes, weapons of mass destruction, and terror cells.”

“…the most serious fighting is centered around the…

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THE MEDIA MONOPOLY: Exposing The Bogus “97% Consensus” Claim Over Climate Change ‘Science’ – By Robert Murphy


Source – mises.org

“…To sum up: The casual statements in the corporate media and in online arguments would lead the average person to believe that 97% of scientists who have published on climate change think that humans are the main drivers of global warming. And yet, at least if we review the original Cook et al. (2013) paper that kicked off the talking point, what they actually found was that of the sampled papers on climate change, only one-third of them expressed a view about its causes”

Exposing The Bogus “97% Consensus” Claim Over Climate Change ‘Science’ – By Robert Murphy 

One of the popular rhetorical moves in the climate change debate is for advocates of aggressive government intervention to claim that “97% of scientists” agree with their position, and so therefore any critics must be unscientific “deniers.”

Now these claims have been dubious from the start; people like…

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COSMIC COWBOY: ‘Galactic Archaeology’, One Degree of Separation…?


Source – gizadeathstar.com

“…Galactic archaeology? No thinking small here… No obelisks on the Moon arranged in peculiarly regular patterns, or faces and pyramids on Mars, or oddly rectilinear features on Phobos, or eerie resemblances between Iapetus and George Lucas’s Death star from his Star wars movies which just happens to have three neat parallel ridges running around its entire equator in a completely explicable-through-entirely-natural-geophysical-processes manner”


I’m always astonished at what the regular readers of this website find and pass along.When Daniel and I started this site, we little imagined that it would grow into this community-driven site that it did, as more and more people started sending articles. And I’m glad that they did, because not only does this site’s readership-and-article-submitting community find out more than I ever could, what they find is invariably fascinating. So a…

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NARCO-POLITIK: ‘Containergate’, 140 Days After the Perfect Crime – By Daniel Hopsicker


Source – madcowprod.com

“…The CIA figured this out long ago. Certainly by the early 1960’s, they had begun acting as if control of the drug trade was the key to controlling everything else. ..The drug war does nothing except make drugs six times more expensive, which is exactly how much a gin and tonic went up when Prohibition began. Criminalizing human nature has made some people wealthy and powerful almost beyond imagining’

140 Days After the Perfect Crime – By Daniel Hopsicker 

It’s been 140 days since the second largest drug bust in American history went down in the waters off-shore of the Port of Philadelphia. Agents from a multi-agency Federal task force swarmed aboard a two block-long container ship, the MSC GAYANE, the second largest in the world.

It marked the beginning of Containergate.

They found 20 tons of cocaine sprawled across seven individual shipping containers. It was…

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Let Go

Sacred Journey

Time always has a way of defining the truth: True friends, obstacles, situations, and whatever we think that right now will never get better. I have discovered that each passing moment grows in distance with how I perceive and what is real. That’s the thing about time. Today’s bumpy ride won’t be the last but it serves for a wonderful lesson in expansion. What’s important is the mutual love between friends, family and the strangers that help move us along the road. Hang on to that. Always hang on to knowing that you are not alone on this ride. Remember that distance from anything gives awareness of lessons. We are spiritual BEings having a very messy human existence that requires change. The constant flux of growth is part of the experiences. We navigate through love, acceptance and courage.

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Late Edition for November 6, 2019: What a Day [videos] ~ November 6, 2019

Everyone knows the name of the lying whistleblower CIA operative, registered Democrat, former employee of the Obama administration — in other words, a dyed-in-the-wool Dimmocrat.

Rose Rambles...

Thank you to everyone who has contributed information pertaining to Field McConnell, who is NOT a pedophile.

My best piece of the puzzle came from Agent Margaritaville, who
confirms that there were arrest warrants for Field, that he was aware of
them, and we have a document, as well. Thanks, K.

Suggesting that Field made unfounded remarks on his show is
stretching it because there is ample evidence of the things Field
reveals—but the pedophiles don’t want it getting out.

We will see and hear about that evidence in the near future because
as QAnon has said, “We have it all.” All the photographs, the videos,
the phone conversations—everything. All the evidence is safe and will be
presented at the right time.

Arresting Field McConnell won’t change anything. “Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.” ~ Q

Who is Agent Margaritaville? Suffice it to say he is on a…

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X22 REPORT – 6.11.19

BJ Has A Trap Door Clause, Time To End Federal Income Taxes – Episode 2014a

X22 Report – Financial Report

BJ has planned the BREXIT perfectly, he has the EU and the elite exactly where he wants them. Within the plan, there is a trap door clause and the wording in the plan allows BJ to trade with other countries. The US economy has doing better than ever. Texas just passed a bill to get rid of state income tax. It is now time TF says to get rid of the federal income tax.

Did Barr/Durham Meet An Important Person?, Next Wave Coming – Episode 2014b

X22 Report – Political & Geopolitical

The [DS] impeachment plan with their secret hearings is now falling apart rapidly, as they [DS] releases these transcripts we are finding that there is nothing, there is no there, there. Trump countered all of this with the release of the phone transcript, the [DS] is following their script because they don’t have another plan. Barr and Durham had someone very interesting visit them, does this have to with Assange, the investigation, it starting to look like it. DOJ case against Flynn is now falling apart, SP cornered the operatives, they are trapped by their own doing. The patriots are controlling it all, the [DS] is doing exactly what they want them to do.

To quote #17: “These people (DS) are stupid!”

Editor’s note: I would add, they (as in the global elite) are used to getting their way and thought ‘she’ would win. Now, all their money laundering and racketeering schemes using taxpayer monies are being systematically disclosed. Plus, all the insidious blackmail, pedophilia, amoral activities, the socialist (satanic marxist) agenda for the takeover of America (and all of the Western world) is being unveiled during the continuance of the Apocalypse (the great reveal) as prophesized in the Bible at the end of the Age (of Pisces). “Their” use of symbols, repetition of patterns and plans, and their sheer arrogance will ultimately be their downfall and very soon…

Shield daily, warriors of Light; this is a spiritual war for the hearts and minds of humanity and control of this strategically positioned richly blessed planet.