X22 REPORTS – 05.11.19

Patriots Just Created An Economic Strike Force, Preparing For The Transition – Episode 2013a

The Elite are now projecting that if another country tries to leave the EU it will not be easy, see what happened in the UK. Once the UK leaves the other countries will not care, this is like a D5. Trump has created a statistically powerful economy, patriots control the narrative. Trump is preparing for the transition, creates a new economic strike force to go after those who are colluding economically.

[DS] Walked Right Into The Trap, Precedent Was Established, Epstein Coverup – Episode 2013b

The [DS] has walked right into the trap; they just set a precedent and the patriots are about to use it. Transcripts have been released from the secret hearings, what do they show, nothing. Project Veritas puts out another undercover piece showing the JE coverup. Trump is now joining Mexico to go after the cartels. The walls are closing in on the [DS]. Slowly, methodically the [DS] is feeling pain with each wave; get ready another wave is coming.