The Pleiadian Council of Nine — The Starseed Highway

THE PLEIADIAN COUNCIL OF NINE For some unknown intuitive “reason”, Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjma Amariah Kumara) once asked the air, “Who sent me here?” The answer she received was a slightly cryptic one, “The Council of Nine.” Okay… … Continue reading →

The Pleiadian Council of Nine — The Starseed Highway

Great Divine Director: Prepare to Walk the Path of Love


A message from Lord Chananda, one of the Sons of Krishna, and a great Lord of the Sirian Star Nation.

Blue Dragon Journal

Lord Chananda Gia, the Great Divine Director: Prepare to Walk the Path of Love

via Eliza Ayres

I AM the Great Divine Director. As a Cosmic Being, I serve the Will of God on the Blue Ray, which emanates throughout this Universe from the constellation of Sirius.

Today I wish to present a simple message to all Lightworkers: Prepare yourselves to walk the Path of Love.

Work to prepare your hearts for the coming of the Lord or in more modern parlance, open your hearts so your Higher Self may take up residence in your physical bodies. As your physical world raises in vibration, so too will come an opportunity to become more of your Self while still in embodiment. You are not going anywhere; you are becoming more, here and now. As your personal vibratory level increases and your body can hold more light, so you will see this…

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