News Burst 20 October 2019 ~ October 20, 2019

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Editor’s Note: This is the daily report of Global News snippets furnished by Disclosure News Italia. Please read, investigate items of interest, and BE…



News Burst 20 October 2019

  • Huawei in early talks with U.S. firms to license 5G platform – Huawei executive.
  • Street clashes spur Catalan leader to call for Madrid talks.
  • Tony Blair savaged on Twitter over calling for second Brexit referendum.
  • “Whiskey > Vodka”: Russians find messages addressed to them at abandoned US Base in Syria.
  • 15 killed as Siberian gold mine dam collapse floods dorms with muddy water.

  • The never ending Brexit drama just refuses to end. UK Commons passes amendment withholding approval of Johnson’s Brexit deal.
  • Protests against jailing of Catalan pro-independence leaders continue in Barcelona.
  • “Russian Agent” Gabbard urges “Queen of Warmongers” Clinton to face off with her directly in 2020.
  • Perfectly preserved 3,000 yo mummies found in newly-discovered Egyptian sarcophagi.
  • Academics…

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