KILL THE MESSENGER: ‘We Are In The Matrix’, Frantic Last Statement From Missing Tech CEO Found Dead


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“…The Daily Mail reported in this October 14th story, Erin Valenti, the CEO of a Salt Lake City, Utah app developer called ‘Tinker’ had recently called her parents in a frantic phone call in which she told them: “It’s all a game, we’re in the matrix!” Reporting that Valenti had never had any known mental issues before and that this call was completely out of the ordinary for her, her parents said she was talking a mile a minute in her phone call to them, making no sense at all”

‘We Are In The Matrix” Frantic Last Statement Missing Tech CEO Found Dead In Rental Car

SAN JOSE — As a family and a community grapple with how the body of a 33-year-old tech CEO was unnoticed on a residential street — possibly for days — her father is accusing San Jose police of botching the…

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