Late Edition for October 17, 2019: Wow. Just Wow. Are You Ready? [videos] ~ October 17, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Yes…the momentum builds for those of us who have been aware and awake for just what will happen at the Trump rally tonight in Dallas. From the report below you can readily see the “gloves are off” in terms of bringing the negative and horrific action of the Dark to Light.

It’s all too easy too become fixated on this drama, I mean…this is the moment of geo-political change on our world. Yet…this is also a very good time for each to go within ourselves knowing that the change we see in the outer world must certainly be evident inside each one of us as well!

So…please read the report below, watch the Trump rally live to night on RightSide Broadcasting, and BE…InJoy!


Lots of wows today! It certainly is sounding like monumental events are on the brink of changing life on Earth. I hope you have…

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So have Hope, dear one and shine….


You may be shy, you may be quiet, you may be afraid, you may be someone
of low self esteem or you may feel your struggles to be a great burden…Please
know this, each one of us has a little light inside and though you may feel it
doesn’t shine bright at times, it is still light and a little light can go a long way.
So have Hope, dear one and shine like the beautiful individual you are.

Art and quote by James Browne

Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

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Incorporating Nature into Urban Planning for Better Mental Health — Wake Up World


October 18th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World Mental health issues are a growing concern in today’s modern world. Around 450 million people suffer from mental illness of some kind, but only one in three of those people actively seek treatment [1]. We do know that interaction with nature provides benefits…

via Incorporating Nature into Urban Planning for Better Mental Health — Wake Up World

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True Appreciation



Following the Full moon
You may experience a bit of a dive in the deep
Once again another layer needs to be cleared out to allow for more light and to allow for more of your pure authentic self to shine brighter than before.
We are not always accepted, liked,understood or appreciated as we always wish to be but it is very a important lesson to reach your inner core from which to derive your greatest most important appreciation.
Whatever you do, you must be doing first and foremost for your self and for your own joy and fulfillment.
Your first most important relationship is with yourself and your higher source.
You are here to evolve, to grow and you are to strive to manifest your higher self as much as you can.Strengthening your relationship with Spirit and with your higher self, clearing layers of shadow that are hiding your…

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Meditation: presence in and with the world

Blazing Light, Love's Song

Joy and more joy well up inside me with everyone – because we are meditating with the world. I know that many thousands of people are doing the same; my heart leaps because of that.

We are one: one shared consciousness, one community, one species of living being, One. As a meditator focuses on whatever or on nothing, focuses according to a particular tradition or training of meditation or a quality or deity, etc., the focus itself is the most important. Because of focus – mountain-like concentration and skylike-open mind, the Awareness of heart-mind and the qualities of being embodied in the focus can pervade and emanate into the oneness of humanity. It’s so simple and so true.

We sit again with humanity.

presence within the world 101719

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SerialBrain2 10-15-19… “The Whistleblower: a C_A operation planned and ordered by HUSSEIN” (link and highlights)

Kauilapele's Blog

It’s been a couple weeks since the last SB2, and this one exposes the C_A/Hussein connections behind the great “whistleblower” the deep state pulled out of its pocket. Very fascinating. Check the decodes in the images, especially Img18, Img19 and Img20

The Whistleblower: a C_A operation planned and ordered by HUSSEIN.

“The first 2 tweets of the day are a celebration on the US winning at the WTO and an introduction to an old fashioned breakfast called the One Eyed Jack: Img1… Next, with the Biden example, the Maestro reveals how socialism and its byproducts have been creeping surreptitiously into the corridors of power and the hearts of the Swamp: Img2… This description focused on how socialism translates individually for the people in power. Here is how it operates at the state level, globally, who benefits and how it’s promoted: Img3

“…we learn Schiff is part…

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You’re Peculiar

Mitch Teemley


It was 1999 (as in “party like it’s…”). I was wearing khakis and a polo shirt, and was about to do a reading of my autobiographical poem Fool’s Odyssey for a room full of clove cigarette-smoking hipsters, identically clad in tight black clothes. I stepped up to the microphone and mumbled, “Sheesh, I feel so normal,” and they burst into applause. And then I knew I had them. Because I was, in fact, the weirdest person in the room.

“You are a chosen generation…a peculiar people, uniquely suited to show the goodness of the one who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” ~1 Peter 2:9

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Ascension Codes Chakra Activation Guided Meditation W/Music – W/Jelelle Awen (Video)

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

This guided meditation video has been in my heart to do for quite awhile and is per request from people who wanted a longer meditation with me set to music. It is over 40 minutes of pure guided meditation, just my voice and high frequency music in the background. Like taking a sound bath for the chakras, heart, and soul!

One of the important aspects of navigating the ongoing Ascension process can be to actually bring in the codes that are becoming available to you through Solar, Great Cosmic Sun, Lunar, and Galactic sources. Bringing them into your chakral and auric fields allows for smoother experience for your body and fewer Ascension body symptoms.

All codes contain frequencies of Infinite Love from Divine Source. You are more able to receive these codes when your vibrational frequency is higher, unanchored from the 3D matrix, and your emotional…

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