Mystery of Atlantis – Edge of Wonder

Evidence of the Lost City of Atlantis [Part 1] – Ancient Mysteries – Edge of Wonder

Edge of Wonder

Growing up you might have seen or heard Atlantis mentioned many times throughout your life. Maybe you watched Aquaman recently or Atlantis: The Lost Empire back in 2001. Maybe you’ve heard about it in school in literature or in the news when researchers claim they’ve found the next Atlantis.

We’re not the first people to discuss #Atlantis and we certainly won’t be the last either. We’ll surface some pretty compelling research done and see how it ties to the source material where Atlantis is mentioned. So join us on #EdgeofWonder as we chase down the clues to figure out if Atlantis was real, where it existed, and what to take away from the story of Atlantis!

Evidence of Atlantis? 7 Ancient Civilizations & Underwater Pyramids Found in Oceans of the World

The world has been fascinated with the Lost City of #Atlantis ever since Plato first recorded its existence centuries ago. The mystery has inspired so many people to search for this once-great metropolis that became lost in the depths of the ocean floor.

But did the city really exist? And if so, are there now findings to prove that not only did Atlantis exist but that it is bigger than what anyone thinks?

In this episode on #EdgeofWonder we look at 7 ancient cities, mega structures, & pyramids, that have been found in the depths of our seas and how these findings are shaping an alternate history that even has mainstream geologists and archaeologists scratching their heads. Plus one bonus one!

Going to the Bimini road in the Bahamas, to China, Japan, Ancient Greece, Cuba, and even using google maps. We also explore what #GrahamHancock has to say about these as well as the Edgar Cayce prophecy. even less folks do in-depth research about these lost civilizations and attempt to connect the dots.

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