The Archons Last Attempt- Teri Wade 10/11/19

Indeed. It is all about FREQUENCY and the choices you make with your Free Will.

Love&Freedom Blog

The Archons last attempt…

The 2016 election of Donald Trump has stirred the pot to put it mildly. People are freaking out, scared and grieving for the old structure to stay in place. The timeline has changed.

The global elite’s, illuminati, Cabal, the Reptilians are doing their best to manage and keep the human race in the frequency of fear and under their control.

The mass media which is owned and controlled by this Dark agenda and a major perpetrator of fear is in full swing. They are pushing the fear of a new government, a government they cannot control.

The Bush, Clinton and Obama eras were all about keeping the population in fear. Keeping the population from realizing that every single one of us are here to serve a higher purpose.

Their goal in fighting this new Trump government is to push the people back into the lower frequency…

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