Thank You, God, For Not Making Me Handsome!

Not being super handsome probably saved you from being MK Ultraed by the CIA, Mitch.

Mitch Teemley


I discovered when I was young that I loved everything to do with storytelling. I wrote poems, short stories, songs, and created such poignant scenes in front of the bathroom mirror that I swear it cried. (Well, I know I did.)

By the time I finished high school, I was Mr. Theatre, and had begun to envision a career as a movie star. I mean, I was handsome-ish. Heck, I’d played leading men in our high school productions! But college theatre was different. It was a bigger pond, with a lot more fish. Result? I often lost out to handsomer fish.

Then I made the rounds in Hollywood. Forget bigger ponds, this was the freakin’ Pacific Ocean of acting! And it was full of really handsome fish, many of whom could actually act.

Result? I had time to write. And as I wrote, I began to realize two things:…

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