Schumann Resonance Today – Update ~ October 12, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Well, well…let’s take a look a the Schumann Resonance chart above and get excited about a continual barrage of low amplitude energies for over 40 hours! Let’s see…wgat could this mean?

We know that the Schumann Resonance energies appear as a result of the Earth, itself, receiving certain types of cosmic/solar energy that causes the Earth to “ring like a bell” in response. The graph above shows the Earth receiving a consistent bout of energies on a rather consistent basis.

At this point, the question must be…will these energies continue (my ears are hearing these energies non-stop!), will they increase, are these the evidence for a building momentum of energies over our long holiday weekend? No one know, so I advise all to focus on the right and good in your life as it is most important in these times, to BE…




Schumann Resonance Today…

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