News Burst 12 October 2019 ~ October 12, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Thanks to all of my loyal subscribers for hanging with me during my electronic communication “trial by fire”. I have learned that I cannot blog using my brand-spanking new iPad Pro. Evidently, my blog on WordPress is not compatible with this device. If any of my readers know the answer to this delimna…many thanks for sending me some tips I may not know!

Back to the global news…please read below and be sure to investigate those items which catch your eye. Lot’s happening out there over this long holiday weekend (Columbus Day in the US), so please stay aware, be safe, and BE…



News Burst 12 October 2019

  • World’s largest telescope in China helping identify origins of puzzling signals from space.
  • Japanese pop idol attacked after stalker finds her home by zooming in on her eyes.
  • Mystery surrounds curious Space Fireballs that crashed in Chile as…

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