NARCO-POLITIK: ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, Haiti, The Government-Run Narco-State


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“…The presidency is influenced directly by well-connected drug dealers. The Parliament is heavily ruled by active gun and drug traffickers….What Pablo Escobar failed to achieve in Colombia for more than thirty years, a mercenary clan operating in Haiti has achieved. Haiti is arguably the only narco-state in the world run directly by a US-led United Nations humanitarian front”

Haiti, The Government-run Narco-state. Country at the Mercy of Drug-Dealers – By Joël Léon

The notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar, was elected in 1982 “as an alternate member of Colombia’s Congress”. In 1984, he was forced to resign after two years because of his direct involvement in drug production and smuggling to the United States. The Ronald Reagan administration pressured the Colombian president, Luis Carlos Garlan, to prevent Escobar from sitting in the parliament.

In 1989, the US Marine invaded Panama to capture Manuel Antonio Noriega

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