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Pilgrims say:

This Land is Mine


Nancy Pelosi Hates the United States of America


Mexican President AMLO to Nancy Pelosi: Pass USMCA Already!




“The Democrats’ policies are crazy, their politicians are corrupt, their candidates are terrible, and they know they can’t win on election day, so they’re pursuing an illegal, invalid, and unconstitutional bullshit impeachment.” Source


They’re Running a Bullshit Impeachment Says Trump

cyour6 posts:

And it’s REALLY genuine coming from him. Not something his campaign had poll tested beforehand. This guy has every right to be pissed. They spied on him and dug up fake dirt to destroy his campaign. Used that fake dirt to obtain 4 fraudulent FISA warrants and then orchestrated a half-assed coup d’état, which failed.

They question his mental fitness and drummed up a bullshit 2 year “investigation” with no evidence of…

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