Boy Scouts Largest Pedophile Ring On Earth via Eraoflight.

I doubt the Boy Scouts of America are the ‘largest’ pedophile ring in the world, but certainly a significant one. The Catholic Church comes to mind as being another institution that has actively hid the pedilictions of some of its priests. And the CIA and other intelligence agencies have long been using sex, whether with girls, boys, and young women, as a means to entrap and entice businessmen, government officials and leaders, military men and so on for a very, very long time. Pedophilia has world-wide networks aided and abetted by the highest and lowest of society.

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Earlier this month, theBoy Scouts of Americahas referredover 120 abuse allegationsby their scout leaders to the police for further investigation. They said that they believe all their victims and thatthe organization is doing all they can to identify “additional alleged perpetrators.”

The organization came out with a statement after a lawsuit was filed in Pennsylvania that accused one of the scout leaders from that state of committing “unspeakable acts of sexual abuse” to one of the boy scouts on camping trips, and even during daytime excursions.

The statement stated: “We care deeply about all victims of abuse and sincerely apologize to anyone who was harmed during their time in Scouting. We believe victims, we support them, we pay for counseling by a provider of their choice, and we encourage them to come forward.”

The abuse included: “hundreds of instances of fondling, hundreds of incidents…

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