X22 Report, October 11, 2019

[CB]s Push Fear, Deal Close, Economy About To Change – Episode 1993a

The [CB]s are not pushing fear if the BREXIT goes through. The [CB]s are creating charts and telling the UK and the world if the BREXIT happens the UK could face recession, high unemployment etc.  Consumers in the US are very optimistic about the economy, Trump and the patriots have now succeeded in their goal to get the people behind them. The China deal is very close to being made. The Fed officially starts Quantitive Easing even though it is not QE. Trump and the patriots are in control.

Impeachment Coming Apart, Whistleblower Revealed?, [DS] Is Trapped – Episode 1993b

The [DS] is now struggling to keep their plan from falling apart. The whistleblower identity might have been revealed. The WB does not want to testify and we have come to learn the WB has connections to Adam Schiff and Joe Biden, this is a political hit job. The patriots are pushing their agenda in Syria. I do believe Turkey is there in Syria to remove the DS operatives, paid mercenaries in the Kurd area; this was preplanned, Once (the ISIS mercenaries are) removed Trump will mediate a deal with Turkey and the Kurds.

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