The Creative Life: Cat’s Angel Message for October 11, 2019

Archangel Jophiel is masculine. His Divine Complement is Lady Christine. He is the Archangel of the Yellow/Gold Ray of Divine Christ Consciousness, Divine Intelligence.
He is also one of the Seven Archangels mentioned in the Bible.

The Desert Path

daily Angel Message smsThe Creative Life: Cat’s Angel Message for October 11, 2019

October’s Theme: Divine guidance and messages.  These messages are important for us personally, emotionally and spiritually so work on staying open to the information that you receive.

To live a creative lifewe must lose our fear of being wrong.– Joseph Chilton Pearce

1011:  Every day we help create our own reality through our thoughts and beliefs. By focusing on the good things we ultimately draw more of the same towards us. (Just like a negative focus draws negative things.) Remember, negative thoughts are normal (we all have them) and they should never be dismissed out of hand. The key here is to acknowledge and examine them, look for the “WHY” you feel that way, and release it to Spirit. Today we are being asked to engage our creative side, do something fun or that brings you joy and…

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