Late Updates for October 10, 2019: Of the People, By the People and For the People; Reinstated [videos] ~ October 11, 2019

Rose Rambles...

On the Abel Danger show on Thursday we got a fabulous education on the US Constitution, sovereign rights of the People, due process of law, Congress and the Legislature, marriage contracts, domestic violence, assault and battery, and other finer points that most of us don’t comprehend.

If we did, we wouldn’t “under-stand” (stand in agreement with what has transpired) because the corrupticats have misrepresented the law of the People and used thuggery and abuse to take advantage of us while their bankster imposters posed as “judges” in their blackdressesto intimidate in their kangaroo courts.

This very clear, exposure of “shit made up” came from Marine attorney Kirk Pendergrass. This is the brave and capable man representing Timothy Holmseth, the journalist/whistleblower who exposed the crimes against Humanity committed by VP Mike Pence against children, and others.

Don’t bother arguing with Kirk Pendergrass. He can quote the law, and Humanity…

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