X22 Report, October 8, 2019

Economic Message Received, Sets The “Gold Standard” – Episode 1990a

The EU thought they had Boris Johnson cornered; it turns out that it is the other way around. The economic landscape is now changing, the trade deals are being made and Congress needs to vote on the USMCA. Trump has made new trade deals to help the American farmers and to prepare the economy for the transition. Team Trump tweeted out and it included the phrase “Gold Standard”. Is this a message to the people? Right on schedule, the Fed announces Quantitative Easing 4.

The Gathering, The Storm Is Here, It’s Happening, Time To Harvest – Episode 1990b

The [DS] is pushing their agenda hard, they know impeachment is a dead end but they cannot stop. The entire whistleblower case is falling apart, the attempts to change the rules is coming back to haunt them and the people are seeing through all this. Trump and the patriots signal that the storm has arrived and the harvest can begin.

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