X22 Report, October 7, 2019

The Economic Show Is Now Playing, Patriots Prepare The Next Move – Episode 1989a

The people of the UK have been promised for three years that if they voted to leave the EU, the government would listen to the will of the people. But up to now the establishment does not want to abide by the vote. The US is now breaking all economic records statistically. Trump is reversing taxes, regulations and putting currency back into the people’s pockets. Trump is now getting ready to go into the next phase, the Fed is already projecting that rates are going to be cut and this was done by an independent [CB]. 

The [DS] Hits Roadblocks, Access Denied, Sum Of All Fears – Episode 1989b

The [DS] is hitting major roadblocks, their plan has fallen apart. The impeachment process is now being held in secretly in a SCIF and they are telling the people they are sending out subpoenas when all they are sending are letters.  Trump just withdrew the troops from Syria, the [DS] is now exposed. Sum of all fears. Panic from the neocons, panic from the [DS], Pain is coming.

POTUS is pushing back; the White House will NOT respond to the impeachment inquiry until an official vote is held in the House of Representatives. The White House is not compelled to respond to letters and no crime has yet been identified by the Democrats and those who are seeking impeachment against Trump.