Trump Defeats China

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Betsy and Thomas continue their conversation from the video at the bottom of the page. Thomas explains how Trump defeated China. All good news, patriots!

Thomas also discusses the latest news item on Google and Oracle, which you can read about here:

Trump Jilts Google in Copyright Dispute at Supreme Court

He also refers to this latest article on George Soros.

US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election


Trump Defeats China




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“The Daily Angel” October 3rd — New Beginnings Guatemala


by Edith Boyer-Telmer Dear Friends,welcome to another day of my column “The Daily Angel” with solid advice from the angelic realms. We are particularly lucky today as it seams. The angelic number sequence we received is letting us know that we are on the right track. DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP RIGHT HERE, on the…

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Resonating with the Universe, and Gregg Braden too

Koyopa Rising

Rassouli.JoyOfFreedom Joy of Freedom, by

It took a lifetime of “upgrades” and lessons from nonhuman intelligence (NHI) to remember how to activate it. No one is taking over my body. It’s simply my translation of what is being transmitted to me in both a cellular resonance and 3rd-eye images. From the very beginning, I was informed that all of humanity is wired for this, and in these times many are coming back online.

These transmissions won’t sound linear, mostly because it is a feminine, feeling-based language. Those who demand linear explanations will lose interest very quickly. They are usually the ones who also become highly triggered by the sensual, foreign sounds that come through before the words start. I am told that this is an ancient wounding that has developed an immediate defense against the physical body’s natural and excited response to the magnetic Presence of the Mother. The voice…

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Mars in Libra this October: Make Peace, Not War — Wake Up World


October 3rd, 2019 By Nikki Harper Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Mars moves into Libra on October 3rd/4th, depending where you are in the world. Although Mars changes sign often, approximately every six weeks, this particular transit could be important, given the turbulent times we’re living through. Mars is known as the warrior planet,…

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And The Rain It Raineth


Also, snoweth and haileth. The day was a hot mess, or a frigid mess, from moment to moment, depending.

It was pretty much pissing down rain as eight of us were driven from the port of Lyttelton towards Akaroa by our guide Brent, who used to drive an ambulance, and now also drives a taxi, and a good thing too, since the roads were windy, narrow, and slick.

Whenever it wasn’t raining we paused momentarily and I hopped out for a photo. See how New Zealand is unrelentingly beautiful, even when it’s under the weather?

We stopped in Little River at a store where local people sold their excess produce out front and there were lots of nice handmade crafts within.

On our way out of town we passed what might be the coolest motel ever, made entirely out of recycled silos. I would absolutely stay there if I were…

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Processing Saturn/Pluto — with humor! And above all, “Handle with Care”! —

Note: I’ve posted many times on the upcoming harsh Saturn/Pluto conjunction. One thing I’ve noticed extremely, during this difficult extended karmic moment, is how short our tempers can became with each other. Suddenly, there it is — Eruption! Blaming! Projection! Judgment! Lack of empathy! We’re learning here in Green Acres Permaculture Village that what counts…

Processing Saturn/Pluto — with humor! And above all, “Handle with Care”! —

Gold Of Zimbabwe – The Gold Chest ~ October 3, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Gold Of Zimbabwe. Source The Herald.

If you heard about Global Financial Reset you have also heard
about Zimbabwe and the “Zim Bonds” which are said to be exchanged for
fabulous sums, this would happen for the gold and minerals that the
country possesses, pushing the value of its currency. Regardless of the
currency reset it is interesting to have some more information on the
Zimbabwe, which helps us to connect the dots and to see the bigger

Once you read the post that follows, it is good to recall the
colonial phase of southern Africa, the dictators, the apartheid, the
revolts and practically the “expulsion of the whites” in recent years.
Having a clear understanding of what’s underground, we understand a lot
of things, like how a rich country can stay in the hands of the Cabal
for so long. DNIt

Gold Of Zimbabwe: Zim Boasts 13m…

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News Burst 3 October 2019 ~ October 3, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Below is a listing of global “News You Can Use”. No issues with posting wither pictures or news bites today…yes! Please read and BE…



News Burst 3 October 2019

  • Meghan & Harry shipped new green Range Rovers from UK to Southern Africa for their 10-day tour.
  • Azores & Lorenzo: Flores island port totally destroyed, giant waves destroyed the jetty, dragged containers and boats.
  • Major fire at chemical processing and storage in Rouen, northern France, 5,253 metric tonnes of chemicals released.
  • ‘We want to know what we’re breathing’: Rouen residents rally after devastating chemical plant blaze.
  • US will be imposing new tariffs on EU products, specifically 10% on aircraft and 25 % on agricultural goods, among others.

  • Putin shames Greta Thunberg and her handlers over environmental agenda.
  • At least 7 dead, embassies sealed off as Iraq protests rage.
  • Bernie Sanders puts presidential campaign on hold after undergoing…

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The Power between Thoughts | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

When your heart feels strained, let your heart rest itself for a while. Leave it alone. Your heart can wait for an answer to come. Your heart does not have to solve everything. It certainly does not have to solve whatever is going on right now. The fact is, beloveds, that everything is already solved. If you can leave the revolutions of the Earth to Me, can you not leave your difficulties to Me as well?

Let your heart rest with Me. Your heart abides with Me anyway, so let your mind go on to something else more fulfilling. You find many things urgent. What is urgent, however, is that you let go of urgency and return to the peace I give to you. Recline in My love, beloveds. When you feel troubled, what else is there to do but return to Me? I suppose you can pound…

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