Headlines and Updates for September 13, 2019: Friday the 13th Satanic Ritual Day [videos] ~ September 13, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Man walking toward a cross formed by light reflecting off the grungy walls of an underground culvert.

Editor’s Note: Are you feeling those “Friday the 13th” energies? Not only am I on a positive energetic level today, but the Deep State is feeling not-so-positive massive energetic woes as well! Truthers, and those interested in living in a better world will be more than glad to see the “storm” finally start to break loose with the opening salvo of the Indictment of Andrew McCabe.

Who is/was Andrew McCabe? An Attorney and past Deputy Director for the FBI who is complicit in “mis-handling” investigations of the Clinton Foundation, and who could have been heart of a “soft coup” attempt against President Trump.

In my opinion, this is the is the opening salvo of a legally based lethal front against the Deep State here in America. Stay tuned, and according to “Q”…pass the…

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