Utsava Psychic Medium 4-28-19… “About Epstein’s wherabouts, Prince William’s future, the Royals, Reset, Bitcoin, World Terrorism, Trump”

Use discernment…

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This Utsava reading (information) was sent to me by a couple people, and it might be helpful to some. Sometimes I have a challenge understanding her English, but some of the data points in here rather “clicked in” to what I’ve been sensing.

Until about 7 minutes she talks about her social media censoring, so some may wish to skip on to that point. Here are a few points I got from this:

  • 11:15 Patriots, and “Patriot Aliens” working with them, are guiding the process.
  • 11:45 They’re guiding in a way so the royals are taken down.
  • 12:50. There exists a global network of terrorism.
  • Patriots and Patriot Aliens are breaking up this network.
  • 20 min. Talks about currencies, cryptos, gold, silver.
  • Financial reset happening this month.
  • JFK, Jr. will be coming out, but not until later.
  • 22:50 Epstein is alive and has a 5-year agreement to work…

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