Schumann Resonance Today – Update ~ September 11, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Yes…once again after about 24 hours, we see an intense period of very high amplitude Schumann Resonance energies from just before 3:00AM lasting solidly until 4:00AM when this graph ends.

This period shows Schumann Resonance energies that are not slightly separated by short periods of inactivity, thus making these more dense and palpable. The Schumann Resonance energies are reflective of both cosmic and solar radiation coming to Earth which are changing our human bodies.

Now, you must understand our bodies require this change in order to hold higher levels of energy needed to BE in the 5D world. Thus, various brief symptoms of vague discomfort (diarrhea, headache, flu-like malaise, etc.) can be called “Ascension symptoms”.

Of course, please see a physician for any long term difficulties you may be having, know why brief symptoms may exist, understand you are changing for the better, and BE…




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