RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH: Jim Willie – ‘9/11 Was the Coming Out Party for the American Fascists’

The Bush Crime Cartel, aided and abetted by their associates, the Khazarian Mossad, took down the WTC on 9/11. Bush Jr. was a puppet of his evil father, Poppy Bush, Fuhrer of the 4th Reich.


Source – perpetualassets.com

“…The 9/11 event was the coming out party for the American Fascists. It was also a complex sequence of criminal events, to abrogate $230 billion in Russian bonds, to wipe clean the Black Eagle Fund on gold obligations. But in the immediate, it was a bank heist. Few Americans realize that the World Trade Center housed the largest bank in the Western world. Thus the object of the bank robbery, where $100bn in bearer bonds were stolen, $100bn in diamonds were stolen, and $100bn in gold bullion was stolen”:

9/11 Memory: Fascism & Gold – By Jim Willie

The ultimate patriotic act is to invest the life savings in Gold & Silver, which does honor to real money, shows disdain for paper merchants who rule the central banks, and forces nations to put forth honest sound money in usage. It is important to recall the 9/11…

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