News Burst 11 September 2019 ~ September 11, 2019

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News Burst 11 September 2019

~Jeffrey Epstein was a guest at Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday party at Windsor Castle.
~Indonesia urges calm in Papua after two weeks of protests.
~Mysterious radio signal detected by high-tech Chinese telescope.
~Cybersecurity researcher receives € 2500 from Telegram for uncovering app bug.
~Italian Govt wins first of two mandatory confidence vote in Parliament.

~New talks between the US and North Korea may soon be scheduled.
~MIT Media Lab referred to Epstein as ‘Voldemort’ to conceal identity.
~France says time has come to ease tensions with Russia.
~Van packed with a 1,000 gallons of gas found ahead of Trump’s visit to Baltimore.
~50 US states launched an investigation into Goog dominance of the online advertising.

~Hong Kong today marching to the US Consulate.
~India to ban six single-use plastic products from October 2.
~Google censors ‘offensive’ ad for traditional ‘faggots & peas’ dish.
~Trump tweets…

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