Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter Mars Square September 2019 ~ September 11, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: In some ways, this weekend and continuing on through the end of September 2019, will be “crunch” time for those seeking to embark in, or join, in understanding of the spiritual journey we are all truly undertaking.

This is why this coming Full Moon in Pisces (Sept. 13/14) is called the “Harvest Moon” in reference to souls that may seek to become more knowledgeable about “who” they are, and “why” they are here. All souls, regardless of action they do, or do not take at this time, will return home to Source and the timing of their return will be perfect for them, so…no worries there!

Pay attention to your own mood swings and emotional responses, know that you are soooo tenderly loved and cared for, and BE…



By Tanaaz

you have been feeling extra irritable lately, impulsive, or even a
little burnt out, it…

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