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The duo who exposed Planned Parenthood are in court and the testimony is horrifying


Douglas Gabriel and Christopher Strunk – HARVESTED


AIM Patriot Olaf wrote after listening to “Harvested“:

This was one of the hardest episodes to listen to because of a few very gruesome facts I never heard of. It was also one of the most important pieces I ever heard in my whole life.



tt fake news.JPG.



Start doing prep-work for the next explosive report by Americans for Innovation about the origins of modern day spying and propaganda. The L E V I A T H A N of global corruption has its origins with The Pilgrims Society, an anti-American organization that has been hiding among us over 100 years, slowly ripping our Constitution and Bill of Rights to shreds.

declaration of interdependence.JPG

The American Pilgrims (aka British Loyalists) have been…

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