Tremors in the Force

Use discernment… yet I had some odd visitors last night, too. They shall not be named.


So this happened…

Tremors in the Force.

Rumbles on the cosmic underground, whispers in the wind, something BIG just happened friends. An energetic earthquake. We are in the aftershocks, can you feel it? Tingles in the calves, shaky limbs, lightness round the bones, quiet despite the noise of the matrix and the howling astral. Wow. Running diagnostics, clocking into core… calm. Checking in on body, light vibrations in bones, muscles and organs. Zoning in on third eye data, aye… the Big Bad appears to be gone.

Started Friday 6.9.19. Hmmmm. Rabbit hole research. Rose Hannah gematria gurl. Is she cracking the code? The devil lost, satan fell. Ohhhkaaaay, so not the only one getting this message. Protect her light.

He’s gone, who’s gone? Epstein, gone. Obama? Trump? Johnson? Andrew? We’ve not seen Obama for awhile. Is Michelle still here? Code words, symbols, hand language, colours, what are they telling each…

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