Headlines and Updates for September 10, 2019: A Wing and a Prayer [videos] ~ September, 10, 2019

Rose Rambles...

If there are indeed angels watching over us, they might look like
this today—just for optics. Harps and trumpets just don’t cut it at the

I think angels may be some of the most misunderstood Beings. We hear
about “fallen angels” and are told they’re dark or malevolent, but what
if by “fallen” we mean energetically, into the lower dimension where we
have been captive for so long?

Regardless, it seems like there are powerful forces looking out for
Humanity’s best interests and it matters not what we call them. I’m
convinced they are hard at work and they’ve got our back.

We might call on them more often and see what happens.

If you listened to the IPOT update yesterday about SIGINT,
satellites, donkeys, encryption and intelligence gathering, you may feel
the NSA is earning their pay. We understand Edward Snowden was deployed
to cast a pall on…

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