3 Days Of Intense Geomagnetic Storms, Hurricane Dorian, Waves Of Higher Consciousness Arriving ~ September 3, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,

We have had an intense last week !


have been experiencing 3 days of extremely high solar winds and
extremely intense solar storms. The graph above show the intense
storms/the wind has been between 600/700 ( normal is 250 to 350) This
has brought in with it many Ascension Symptoms. Some of these are:

  • Bizarre Dreams
  • Interrupted or No Sleep
  • Intense Hunger
  • Extreme Blurry Eyes
  • Hot Body

are all signs of Ascension that can happen in times of increased solar
wind and increased solar storms. These symptoms are not new to many of
us, yet I feel I need to keep reporting on them for the many that may
just be coming into the Ascension process and for those that are able to
access these symptoms to be able to feel them.

eventually will be able to feel these and…

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Powerful Cleansing Energies ~ September 3, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By A Gift From Gaia

energy feels incredibly precise today, most likely due to the fact
there are very few aspects hitting the target today other than Venus
opposing Neptune and Mercury Sun conjunction however this is a powerful
flush of cleansing energies hitting the chords of the false illusions,
rejection and abandonment and most likely through the feminine streams.

beginning new relationships in this energy will do well to observe the
subconscious drivers that are pulling you into the magnetics of the
experience, choosing to spin the wheel of polarity in reverse will
enable you to go within, create some space and remove those aching
attachments that are linking into the codependent chains, this energy
supports some deep intricate program identification, validation and
healing these old wounds.

know many in the SoulAr Alignment Group have been realising these
strands of outdated programming coming up but now…

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Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Greetings to all,

coffeeI will say right at the start, this will be a long article.  You may want to get a cup of coffee or tea and take your time reading it.  You may have to go back and read previous articles as all my work follows a linear sequence.

I know it’s been a long time since my last article.  It seems I start all my articles with this sentence lately.  I have less time to share my experiences than I used to, and the information I am receiving is also harder to share.  So, I have been mostly sharing information with my regular clients. Many of them are experiencing similar “things”. “Birds of a feather flock together”, and there is a bigger reason why my clients work with me. 

However, there is another reason why I haven’t had as much time to share, and it is an…

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Almost Paradise

Reflections of Riverman

Almost ParadiseAlmost Paradise 8/2/19

Welcome to today’s Super New Moon

A Moon of Opportunity

MP3 Audio Replay on yourlisten.com
Video Replay on Presence of Light – YouTube

Good Morning beloveds and May you all embrace the LOVE energies which are coming in with this Super Moon.

As my message to the world last night I wrote on facebook…
Lets Dance Our Way into the New Moon filling Our Hearts with Joy.

Let's Dance.png

Just after arising this morning I was called to looked at my cell phone for the time…
Yup, the exact time of the New Moon. 6:37 AM

Most of you know by now, how I Love synchronicity!!!
There it was once again as a reminder that We are never not connected to the Highest Source of ourselves and All who are willing to communicate with us at those more expansive levels.

If there ever was a time for us to…

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Experiencing Bliss States While Living On More Prana, Less Food: Personal Update

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen


It was one of those days yesterday where my soul and my heart are so lit up that I feel like I am going to burst out of my skin! Walking around feeling the magic of everything, of my inside glow matching the outside feeling state of goodness. This ‘matching’ of the inside bliss that is able to arise when we clear out more of the old, dense, and toxic is just amazing. It so makes the feeling of the tears and the fears worth it that come up during and after powerful energy gateways like Lion’s Gate and high speed solar storms.

Raphael and I spent an absolute perfect almost Fall day here in a high vibration park in Victoria called Beacon Hill and shopping downtown together. Our hearts, bodies, and souls felt like they were beaconing too…glowing and beaming out from newly cleansed vessels and…

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Harvest Moon – Sept 13th- Initiation Code of Self Realization

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

Harvest Moon – Sept 13th- Initiation Code of Self Realization

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! Today I would like to share some more exciting news of yet another awesome portal and time that is coming our way. I have received a light code, a seal, and information on how to use it.

Here is a short message that I have received with this Initiation Seal:

“On September 13th a Portal of self-realization will open up. This portal will allow for significant improvements in all domestic affairs for many of you. Allowing those actions that were put into force prior, during the times of the new moon to be further realized and come into being. And as such propel you further along your divine life purpose. By using the Initiation Code one shall attune to the encoded DNA of Abundance within your very cells and structure of being.“

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X22 Report, August 2, 2019

[CB]/MSM Around The World Are Struggling, The Economic Movement Cannot Be Stopped – Episode 1959a

The Central Bank and the establishment elite in the UK are trying everything to stop the BREXIT, Boris Johnson is pushing back letting the people know that the government is not going along with the people. Trump and BJ have made an interim trade deal once the BREXIT is done. The MSM/[CB] they are doing everything they can to push a recession. Trump and the patriots have the upper hand and are in full control.

Desperation Sets In, See Something, Say Something, Brace For It, Incoming – Episode 1959b

The [DS] is desperate, they are struggling to stop what is coming. Trump points out that the MSM is the enemy of the people. The IG report confirms that Trump was always the target, Comey and others are now caught in a lie, they are exposed. Sidney Powell, Flynn’s attorney is pushing back and holding the DOJ prosecutors in contempt. Pirro says the plan of the [DS] was to blend the US. Peace deal coming to Afghanistan, troops withdrawn and bases are closing. The [DS] is now pushing everything, warning signs are all over the place, see something say something.