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Global Human Trafficking Exposed. Top British and Royals Named.


Ken Cuccinelli: Judges Attack Donald Trump with ‘Open Lawfare’


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FTC Chief Says He’s Willing to Break Up Big Tech Companies

…..but first let’s disgorge them!

Disgorge social media.

brer rabbit tar babyYeah, yeah, yeah…we see all the stuff about the Google insider by Project Veritas. More fear-mongering to get us to urge the DOJ to bust up their monopolies. Sophisticated propaganda, folks.

We insist that the social medias be disgorged before any action is taken on them.

Breaking them up into monopolies is exactly what they want so they can make even more money on the new start-ups, while continuing to press forward with their agenda of surveil and control. A bust-up also hides their original theft from Leader Technologies.

The louder they scream “break us up, break us up,” the more you know that is exactly what they want us…

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