Chase forgives customer debts on two Visa cards in Canada ~ August 13, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: This report (from Galactic Connections)…brings about some very interesting points. If Chase credit card debt in Canada is forgiven, why not do this in the US? Is gold really getting ready to take off in value? Why are bank interest rates dropping, dropping?

Interesting times, my friends, with perhaps major recession right around the corner…which of course in keeping with the truth of the current banking system being destroyed as the petro dollar continues it’s collapse.

What to do? Many are saying real estate is the best answer, but in my mind it’s time to relax in a major way and just go with the flow. Why do I say this? Because the old systems of the past are dead and in the process of being buried. Prepare yourself not for collapse and lack (any recession will be short lived as value and worth are rethought), but rather…

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