She Follows Her Stars To Deeper Enlightenment ~ Modern Heroine Soul Stories Audio Book Chapter ~ August 9, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Now it’s time for addressing the Divine Feminine. These stories brought to us by astrologer Molly McCord and written by Dominique. Divine Feminine attributes are the energies in prominence in our NOW.

So…please listen to this reading, think about yourself, and be…



What if your biggest challenge, deepest vulnerability, or worst fear was only leading you to more of your own inner light? Dominique shares how connecting with astrology helped guide her forward after false starts and disappointments in her career. She learned more about her own powerful journey, as well as the timing of it all, as she tapped into deeper levels of personal enlightenment.

About The Author: Dominique Jaramillo is an Astrologer, wife, mother and lover of all things mystical. She lives in Los Angeles, CA and enjoys teaching and guiding others with readings that inspire self-discovery, confidence and compassion. She is the creator…

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The Everyday Astrology Podcast: 107. Lions Gate 🌞 Jupiter Direct and Uranus Retrograde. 🙏Your Life is your work of Art + 106.💌The moon is New In Leo:✨ Add your Light and bring the Love💞

Forever Unlimited

107. Lions Gate 🌞 Jupiter Direct and Uranus Retrograde. 🙏Your Life is your work of Art

August 8, 2019

August 8-14  2019 We are in the middle of the Leo Season. The stars are aligned with the Lions gate. We can tap into the joyful abundance of our regal roots.  The enthusiasm of fire is strong with many fortunate alignments this week. The week ends with Jupiter direct. We are strong and brave and the timing is Divine.

The strong fire energy supports us in our take off.  Helps us believe what we know is true. Confidence is more natural now as a stellium of planets are all gathered in Leo. We are all getting a massive download of energy to help with our progress to our most joyful lives.

You are the designer of your future self

Set your compass to the…

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Violating FCC Broadcast Rules


Headlines with a Voice

Several days ago, I found a video on YouTube that demonstrates how the corporate media manipulate viewers. Of all the examples out there, this particular example stands out as one of the most egregious, because it purposefully played on the public’s emotions in the immediate wake of the recent events in El Paso and Dayton.

Federal Communications Commission

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Dispelling of Negativity & Humanity’s Ascension Event [Poem]

New Earth Knowledge

We are all dancing together towards Humanity’s Great Ascension, with guidance from higher beings and divine intervention. 

Our Grand Awakening was catalyzed artfully by Source, to get everything back in harmony and keep things on course. 

But why is it happening, and what are we doing, where did we begin, and where are we going?

The consciousness of our galaxy is audacious but creative, and certainly quite courageous and ultra-innovative.

Our galaxy wanted to try something that had never been done — and to create a game that’d be hard to be won.

So it reversed the rotational array of consciousnesses’ particles, creating the opposite of positivity, plus other cardinal rules:

  • Anyone incarnating within its 3D constructions… would forget who they were and may become corrupted.
  • Connection to God-Source energy would be few and far between, and duality and polarity would dominate the dream.
  • The insertion of the adversary

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The Mind & Emotions ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are completely fascinated by humanity’s ability to complicate something that is inherently simple. It is not the whole of you that makes something complicated. It is only your mind that does such things. Why would your mind make something more complicated than it actually is? Well, quite simply, your mind is usually protecting your ego. Your mind is protecting the part of you that feels emotion, and it is protecting you from having to feel that emotion. Your emotions are, after all, at times quite crippling, and the ego is all about survival.

So the ego will use its tool, the mind, to protect itself, often without even realizing it is doing so, from feeling an emotion. Those lower-frequency emotions can result in you feeling so bad that you find yourself in a ball…

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Blackmail: #1 National Security Issue w/Fanning & Jones

Blackmail: #1 National Security Issue w/Fanning & Jones

Sarah Westall

Investigative Journalists, Mary Fanning & Alan Jones, joins the program to explain how the NSA foreign surveillance programs have been turned on the American people for the purposes of blackmail and control by unelected deep state players for the benefit of their affiliates at the expense of the American people. Their activities include spying on President Trump, members of congress, the Supreme Court, and top business leaders. Various methods of blackmail exist, but regardless of the method, blackmail has become the biggest threat to our nations security as well as the main reason Washington operates in the most unusual and dysfunctional ways.

See additional exclusive interview with Mary Fanning and Alex Jones on “Weapons of Mass Destruction & on Tactical Nukes”. You can see this at

“The Daily Angel” August 8th — New Beginnings Guatemala


by Edith Boyer-Telmer Dear Friends,welcome to another day of my column “The Daily Angel” with solid advice from the angelic realms. Welcome to the peek of this years Lions Gate! Tune into the downloads we receive from the Sirius energies today! The angelic number sequence guiding our way today is reminding us of the importance…

via “The Daily Angel” August 8th — New Beginnings Guatemala

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MILLIONS of Black Holes Discovered In The Milky Way Galaxy! – In5D : In5D


by Sean McCleary,
Contributing Writer,

The article titled “Black Hole Shock” is about the recent discovery of millions of black holes in the Milky Way galaxy. Scientists observed these and proposed that these black holes are slowly draining the Milky Way galaxy of matter and energy. This is actually not the case

Source: MILLIONS of Black Holes Discovered In The Milky Way Galaxy! – In5D : In5D

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