The Black Community Destroys Trumps Racism In One Video ~ August 8, 2019

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Editor’s Note: This was sent to me by my good friend, H. Together we are strong, divided we are easily conquered. No wonder this information is not shared by MSM…a major tool of the Deep State/cabal/coven/Illuminati.

Please watch, become aware, and be…



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X22 Report, August 8, 2019

The Curious Case of Ilhan Omar & Her Family | Inside Report

The economy is now completely controlled by the patriots. Trump has begun by showing there is now a disconnect between the everyday person and the [CB]. The people of the US in the end will understand what the [CB] is truly about and what their agenda really is. The world is following the path of the patriots, the economic push for control is moving forward.

Dark To Light, Prepared, Strong, Ready, [DS] Fell Right Into The Trap – Episode 1938b

The [DS] is in a deep panic, the patriots have trapped them into this path. Trump supporters went to Baltimore to help clean up the garbage, the MSM spun the story. The [DS] tactics are coming back to bite them. Congress deadlocked on gun control legislation, according to plan. Troops ready to be removed from Syria. Iran wants to make a deal, but the [DS] continues to push them other way. Dark to light, the plan is working, systems hardened, the [DS] is exposing themselves, everything has been planned from the beginning.

Life’s Garden is Growing & Aligning

Tania Marie


With Mercury freed and fire energy at hand this leads to clarity of direct action in motion from a place of more authentic self-expression, heart confidence, and creative inspiration. Today’s 8/8 portal and the days surrounding it, create an opportune time for navigating life with intention and bringing forth what you truly desire.

If you’ve been feeling stagnant or not seeing a lot on the scenes happening, all the work you’ve been doing behind the scenes will get an extra boost right now. With courage you can really ignite what you desire with greater support streaming in. These don’t have to necessarily be huge things, but things that feel important to you nonetheless.

butterfly garden.jpg

Recently I’ve intimately experienced a lot of rare sightings with wildlife not seen here daily like the rest – bear, fox, my wild rabbit friend Blueberry, hummingbird, porcupine, a variety of gorgeous big butterflies, cicadas, and hummingbird…

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Red Pill News – Trap Set, Deep State Took the Bait!

Red Pill News – Trap Set, Deep State Took The Bait


Jim Watkins speaks out and tells the truth! DNC lawsuit dismissed because it was fake! Newly uncovered texts PROVE Strzok meeting in London and Trump supports clean up Baltimore when Elijah Cummings can’t.

Intuitive Astrology: August Full Moon 2019 ~ August 8, 2019

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By Tanaaz

Full Moon on August 15th falls in the sign of Aquarius and is going be
shedding a light on what we can do to serve each other.

is the sign of the humanitarian and is represented by a woman carrying a
jug of water. The woman symbolizes the healer in us all and the water
symbolizes the heavy emotions, the pain, and the suffering of the world.

the water bearer, Aquarius has the natural gift and ability to take
these heavy emotions and transform them into something lighter. She
doesn’t absorb the water or take it on as a part of her, she is an air
sign, and uses her higher mind, her search for the truth in order to
transform and cleanse the water before returning it to the Earth.

of us have Aquarian energy within us, and on this Full Moon, we…

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Lion’s Gate~Super Heart Awakening ~ August 8, 2019

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Editor’s Note: Nice, nice article reminding us that the old patriarchal system is currently BEing burned away even as we speak. Our job? Time to open your heart which will influence your mind as dayecisions are made allowing us to deal with the illusion of this hologram (our 3D life) fading away.

So…pay attension to your heart, realize own value and worth, stay aware, and more than ever be…



By A Gift From Gaia

here we are in a beautiful alignment with so much energy from so many
angles that no matter which way we look we will see many opportunities
to move into spaces that most once believed was impossible, as the years
have passed and our awareness expanded we become more and more open to
the magical energies that our stars and planets create because we are
remembering the codes of our ancestors, The Firsts…

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Early Report for August 8, 2019: Keeping Epstein & Friends in Focus [videos] ~ August 8, 2019

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In truth, there are MANY surprises coming. Count on it.

Of great importance: Timothy Holmseth vs Jeffrey Epstein (not the
actual docket) pre-trial hearing takes place today. Timothy is a
journalist who uncovered the Epstein crimes and when he made authorities
aware, went through 11 years of hell, including assassination attempts.

Timothy would have been permanently out of the picture had it not
been for a congressional committee who took him to a safe place and
protected him. He is a key witness in the evil web of
pedophilia/pedovoria and President Trump and his wife Melania are
fighting this battle along side him and the marines also support the
initiatives to vanquish the evil on our planet.

Amidst many personal challenges, Field McConnell is taking his
limousine, his hearse, and up to 26 people (even from Europe) to the
hearing today in support of Tim and to send a message…

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