#REDFLAG: Handlers, MK Altruism, ACIM, J_hn of God, #WeDoNotConsent

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REDFLAG: Handlers, MK Altruism, ACIM, J_hn of God, #WeDoNotConsent

8/5: Inconsistencies, false reporting and intelligence connections. What’s going on behind these events and why do they consistently have the same background and inconsistencies?

Ode To A Bee

Winging with Whitehawk

The buzz stopped here

Hello! It’s been a long, long time since I’ve checked in. So much to catch up on! But first, in this post, I’m paying my respects to a bee I met in my yard yesterday.

As readers who’ve been with me a while may recall, I live in a rural mountain community. The expanse of grass here is usually loaded with clover flowers, unless it’s been freshly mowed. Dauntless, these little blooms appear again immediately … and are typically very popular with bees. One must be very mindful walking in the yard with bare or sandaled feet! I once scooped a bee up into my sandal (back in college, running across campus) – incurred a terrible reaction and actually needed to hobble with crutches for a few days. All to say I’m acutely aware of the preponderance of bees bustling about at very low altitude here…

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Solar Winds & Incoming Light Codes ~ August 5, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Please read this awesome message reminding us of who we are, why we are all going through what we are experiencing, and how our hearts can guide us through the increasing energies arriving to Earth at this time.

Grab your cosmic surfboard, ride the increasing waves of energy smoothly and without “crashing”, and be…



By A Gift From Gaia

Magnetic Field has cracked, more light is currently spewing through to
move us through yet another portal, an ongoing process of expansion,
gently of course whilst we move through this current solar minimum.

The winds are predicted at G1 solar storm however we watch and feel as we move through.

codes coming through are very much pointed at the rebuild of the new
template we are working through till the end of this year, perhaps we
could look at it like the clear up mission…

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Headlines and Updates for August 5, 2019: Crazy Headlines the Order of the Day [videos] ~ August 5, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Ah, yes…the truth will be known, my friends, in every aspect of the word! It might be time to just sit back, watch the fireworks as truth is revealed is so very many ways, and be…



We are getting word that Fox 14 News revealed in error that a third
mass shooting event was set to unfold on Saturday but by outing it in
advance it preempted the operation. Was it an error, or was it

Very interesting. Thanks, L. There was to be another Walmart shooting
in a different city, whether Texas or another state we’re not sure.

Perhaps there are
techies/researchers out there who can find that file which was deleted
from journalist Jim Stone’s website where he was hosting it.

RMN READERS and AGENTS: HELP ME LOCATE this incriminating FOX NEWS VIDEO that got DELETED from JIM STONE’s site

Posted By: NaturalWisdom

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Cat Report

American Intelligence Media


pilgrim society awareness month 1.jpg.


The Pilgrims Society – Threat to America

The next history lesson for AIM Cats is one that your high school and college teachers probably didn’t teach you because they didn’t have textbooks that disclosed the treacherous organization called the Pilgrims Society.  You certainly won’t find it mentioned in main stream media because the members of this secret, anti-American group own and control the media.

They lie to us. They spew propaganda. They run false flag narratives. They distract us with obfuscations and semi-truths. These are their weapons in the information war.

These intermarried old-line hereditary wealth gougers, British Crown loyalist, and Wall Street Episcopalians go back many centuries and have their tentacles on all the levers of power in America.

And guess where where this cozy little group of traitors got started? Queue up DRUM ROLL here:


queen and privy council Queen Elizabeth and a few of her Privy Council pals plotting…

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Orchestrated Mass Shootings: Full Analyses of the “Engineered Violence” [videos] ~ August 5, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Ah…the worm is turning and the deep state are majorly s-c-a-r-e-d! What does this mean for you and I? It’s time, more than ever to be prepared for anything as the Dark will pull out all stops NOW to stop the advancing erosion of their power.

Be on the lookout for the Emergency Message System to be alive and well on your own personal cell phone as there will be a “test” of that system this Wed. at 2:20 EDT. This is important as the boards used by “Q” may go dark at any time!

So…please read the latest news below (Thanks, Starship Earth!), consider where your heart leads you to be st this month when major events will, and BE…



Come hither, friends, and take part in the systematic destruction of
the old guard. The White Hats are hitting it hard and major actions…

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Forever Unlimited


#NewEarth#TheEvent #Noosphere

When I was sent to Manhattan, NY last week, I was told theres clearing, activations & changes taking place & more coming with the Grid.

I’ve also been noticing alot of changes with the trees… Im not talking about the physical- the energy body/etheric body/aura of the trees are changing. But if the energy is changing, the physical will follow.

There are different ways you can do grid work for the planet. Even just staying home, meditating, being kind, getting out of judging others, etc… is connecting to the New Earth grid. Duality, judgement, hate… (which I know isn’t easy at times & at first) is like a virus growing out of control damaging the body we are existing within- the Planet. The Planet is sentient, has a spirit/soul/higher self & etheric body…

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