SACRED GEOMETRY: ‘Teleportation’, Science Fiction or Science Fact? – By Nathan Falde


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“…The biggest breakthrough in quantum entanglement and teleportation occurred in a 2016 study sponsored by a team of Chinese physicists . Over the course of 32 days, these scientists successfully teleported 911 photons from a ground station in Tibet to a satellite orbiting 500 kilometres above the Earth”

Teleportation: Will Quantum Physics Make Star Trek Tech a Success? – By Nathan Falde 

Most of us have seen the science fiction series Star Trek and are familiar with their concept of teleportation, in which characters are ‘beamed’ off the ship to another spacecraft or to the surface of a planet.

While Star Trek is just a TV show, some of the concepts presented may not be science fiction after all. Some of the advanced technologies imagined for the series have actually been implemented, while others like ‘warp drive’ are currently under development.
Could teleportation be next?


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