OperationDisclosure1.blogspot.com 7-13-19… “‘The Plan’ Proceeds”… “The choice to know [will be] yours”

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Some of this hits home (except for the “addiction” part, which I’d replace that word with “passion”). I saw it yesterday and sent it around to a few, and since it felt kind of “‘right on’ for the moment”, I’m passing it along here. I enjoy this message.

And actually, the phrase which has appeared in Q posts is “The choice to know will be yours” (not, “The choice to know is yours”… but, same idea).

“This phrase is one of several that the “Q” team has expressed multiple times… but it truly is the back bone of the whole movement and once you decide that you indeed do choose to know, the quest begins.

“The interesting thing for those of us who have spent 20 months engaged day after day, week after week and month after month, is that we wish DESPERATELY for others to join along in…

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