Blackmailer: Jeff Epstein’s Human Chess game…

BLACKMAILER Jeff Epstein’s Human Chess game destroyed many but could NOT entrap Trump

InspoNews – Fredrico Intelligence Report

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein failed the globalist elitists he worked for by not entrapping Donald Trump.

Now they are throwing the creepy Billionaire child sex trafficker & pedophile to the dogs. But Dirty Jeff is also retaliating by threatening to tell all …

Keep working and praying friends of liberty and patriots. This President has just entered a new dimension of leadership that will Keep America Great and make a united Korean people & nation GREAT AGAIN.

Editor’s Note: Why show this kind of thing? You won’t see it on corporate-controlled MSM. We’re in the midst of a battle between the dark and the Light. Epstein is/was a dark instrument of an unnamed intelligence agency(ies). This disinformation is a mischaracterization of Trump to derail the 2020 election.

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