Andrea Cutlan – Solar Turbulence – via Ascension Energies .com – 7-11-19

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Andrea Cutlan– Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for some turbulence.

Or perhaps it’s more like…

Buckle up and scream if you wanna go faster

I guess that’s all dependent on you and how you are perceiving these shifts but the next few days may feel a little…bipolar?

We have highs and we have …some…..”oh yeah alright, we’ll just see about that shall we”

Hey I can’t write “lows” when I’m fully aware they don’t exist, what is a low anyway? A refusal of truth? Well that’s a choice, albeit a rather blinded one.

So we have highs and I’ll observe and take action…that’s far more fitting.

Word spells are something of a favourite of mine at the moment and we can think about this for a second.

Many get the words contradicted, mostly because at first they don’t know, and that’s the safest place to…

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