Personally, I feel all of the so-called intelligence agencies within the U.S. are suspect. Military intelligence is kept to higher standards. Get rid of all of the excess 17 intel agencies, as well as TSA and DHS.

Patriots for Truth

Incredible: Sep. 09, 1940 NSA document admits that the F.B.I engaged/es in espionage, counterspionage and sabotage within the United States

War Department General Staff. (Sep. 09, 1940). G-2 Covering Interchange of Secret Technical Information with Representatives of British Government, PDF pp. 31. NSA.



fbi foundingTRANSCRIPTION: (b) The Western Hemisphere was placed under F.B.I. jurisdiction for counterespionage purposes, not for espionage [unintelligible]. It was a new type of work for them, with [unintelligible] dating back only to 1939 when they were made primarily [unintelligible], espionage and sabotage within the United States. [Note: if you can decipher the unintelligible words, please let us know.]


And this is what has become of this anti-American, criminal organization….listen to ‘Betsy Ross and Thomas Paine’ explain.

The FBI Flying Brothel

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