Being In My Personal ‘Intertidal Zone’

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Kalayna Solais

Spending some time with myself and my parts today, taking in the ocean and sunshine from Father Sun, walking amongst the trees, looking for owls (didn’t see one today but now I know where I can find them!), and just BEing… it’s been a ride this past month, what with the completion with Gabriel and becoming another ‘year’ older, which in this case feels like a year of deep rebirth that is only just beginning as so many phases inside of me seem to be ending.

We celebrated my ‘birthday’ last night as a community, making a delicious vegan dinner together and enjoying the time spent even though it’s understandably bittersweet for Gabriel and me at this time. I received gifts I did NOT expect even though part of me has been VERY vocal about wanting a few things lately, especially a new glass water bottle with…

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VLOG 122 – The Highest Frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light We’ve Ever Received – Era of Peace

VLOG 122 – The Highest Frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light We’ve Ever Received (Meditation)

Patricia Cota-Robles – Era of Peace

The Twelve Solar Chakras – The Twelve Elohim the Builders of Form

First Solar Aspect of Deity – Sapphire Blue, God’s Will, Illumined Faith, Protection, Power, and God’s First Cause of Perfection, Masculine Polarity of Father God

Second Solar Aspect of Deity – Yellow/Gold; Divine Qualities: Enlightenment, Illumination, Wisdom, Constancy, Christ Consciousness of the Sons and Daughters of God

Third Solar Aspect of Deity Ray – Crystalline Pink; Divine Qualities: Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, Reverence for all Life, Adoration, and Tolerance, reflects the Feminine Polarity of our Mother God, the Holy Spirit

Fourth Solar Aspect of Deity – White; Divine Qualities: Ascension, Purity, Resurrection, Hope, Restoration, Immaculate Concept

Fifth Solar Aspect of Deity – Emerald Green; Divine Qualities: Illumined Truth, Healing, Concentration, Consecration, and Inner Vision

Sixth Solar Aspect of Deity – Ruby/Gold: Divine Qualities: Grace, Healing, Devotional Worship, Peace, and the Manifestation of Christ

Seventh Solar Aspect of Deity – Violet; Divine Qualities: Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Transmutation, Justice, Freedom, Liberty, Glory, Victory, and Infinite Perfection, God’s Perfect Balance between Masculine and Feminine Polarities of our Father/Mother God

The Violet Flame is the predominant frequency of Light bathing the Earth during the Aquarian Age.

Eighth Solar Aspect of Deity – Aquamarine; Divine Qualities: Clarity, Divine Perception, Discernment and Understanding

Ninth Solar Aspect of Deity – Magenta; Divine Qualities: Harmony, Balance, Assurance, and God-confidence

Tenth Solar Aspect of Deity – Gold; Divine Qualities: Eternal Peace, Prosperity, abundance, God Supply of all good things

Eleventh Solar Aspect of Deity – Peach; Divine Qualities: Divine Purpose, Enthusiasm, Joy

Tweflth Solar Aspect of Deity – Opal; Divine Qualities: Transformation, Transfiguration

The World Is Run By British Nazis

Patriots for Truth

The British Privy Council calls out Trump as its enemy. Michael McKibben and Douglas report on the latest from the British Privy Council in its attempt to overthrow President Donald Trump. All patriots worldwide need to pay attention to this breaking news as the British monarch wants complete control of the world, even where you live.


Darroch knighted by queen

Exposing Sir Kim Darroch as an Enemy of America


IBM Global Tyranny Agenda Has Nazi Roots


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Ben Fulford – Major victory as all three power obelisks fall: Washington, London, and Rome

Major victory as all three power obelisks fall: Washington, London, and Rome

Ben Fulford Report (partial), July 8, 2019

Last week saw a major victory for humanity as the Khazarian mafia lost its grip on all three centers of Western power—Washington D.C., London, and Rome, according to Pentagon and other sources.  Each of these capitals has an obelisk, variously symbolizing military, financial, and religious power.

“Trump declared America’s independence from the Deep State on July 4, as Russian President Vladimir Putin meets the Pope and Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister of the UK in a no-deal Brexit, giving white hats control over the three obelisks of global power,” was how Pentagon sources summed up the situation.

This means the undeclared civil war in the West is mostly over.  Now a unified West will negotiate with the rest of the world, especially Asia, on how to improve the way we run our planet, multiple sources agree.  Of course, this will take time, so don’t expect any sudden, dramatic announcement yet, the sources warn.

The battle that led to this victory in the undeclared Western civil war was seen in the news in the form of various seemingly unrelated news events.  These included the sinking of a Russian submarine, earthquakes at a U.S. naval base (DUMB), the arrest of pedophile blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein, and more.

Let’s start with the Russian submarine.  Fourteen senior Russian naval officers, including seven admirals, were killed aboard a top-secret Russian submarine last week, according to news reports and official Russian government sources.

What is not being reported is that the submarine was attacked in revenge for the sinking of an Israeli submarine in the Persian Gulf, according to Russian and U.S. military sources.  Early reports, since deleted, on the Mossad-linked Debka site tried to blame the sinking of the Russian sub on the Americans, in yet another obvious Israeli (Khazarian) attempt to start World War III.

Pentagon sources say, “The special-purpose nuclear Russian submarine Losharik may have been fried by a directed energy weapon (DEW) that failed to trigger WW3, but its cabal controllers may have reaped instant karma with …

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Like Heaven Itself | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Like Heaven itself, where you really are is a state of being. It is not a place. Your physical location, the circumstances and events around you, are not your being. You are your being. You are your own sovereign. Your state of being is yours and no one else’s.

That is why you need expanded vision. You want 380-degree vision, and that is inner vision. They are not exactly opposites, inner and outer vision. It is true that outer vision can see expanses, but it also sees the details. And the details distract you from Truth. But within this inner vision, which is not vision really — it is a sinking into truth, a kind of non-vision — the details are not present. The reality is. You get acquaintance with it. This inner vision takes you where your heart knows to go. Your heart wants, but it also…

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Adronis Archives: Entering the New Paradigm Lifestyle

Adronis Archives: Entering the New Paradigm Lifestyle

Brad Johnson – New Earth Teachings

In this episode of the Adronis Archive, Adronis provides insight on how one can transcend the old paradigm and enter a new paradigm lifestyle.

Living through the Heart… 4th density. Following the Heart without question.

Co-Creating with the Universe ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have given much thought and deliberation to the question of whether it is necessary for humanity to receive more help from beings like us in the higher realms. We all have faith in humanity. That goes without saying and never comes into question. We know that you are going to make the shift, and we know that you are going to do so without a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. But the question comes up because there are those moments where the entirety of humanity could get a bit more of our support, the support of other high frequency beings, and we could all just give you more of a nudge in the direction that it serves you most to go in.

We have been deliberating over this because of the truth that…

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