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God said:

Here I Am!

Between Us, Beloved, between you and Me, exists a great connection. That We are One isn’t an accident. Nothing is by chance. Certainly, aspects that surround Us may seem to be hit or miss. You and I, this seeming You and I, We have fun with this idea as well. Why not?

We, as One, are destined to gaze into each other’s eyes and to hold hands as dear friends.

You are no stranger to Me, nor am I a stranger to you, nor are Heaven and Earth strangers, nor can it be that anyone in your life that you come across is a stranger. All is as it is meant to be.

Of course, Beloved, you and I, We are greater than old times. We are acquainted once and for all. Souls touch across the non-existent miles. Our hearts touch in one beat forever…

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America is Under Attack by 187 Groups Funded by George Soros |

Forever Unlimited

America is Under Attack by 187 Groups Funded by George Soros

Notorious globalist billionaire George Soros has gone on the record threatening to “take down President Trump” and promising an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos that the New World Order are making the necessary preparations to completely and utterly obliterate every single Republican plan.

Soros is doing this the only way he knows how – by throwing his dirty money around, sponsoring hate groups, protestors, and NGOs, attempting to subvert the course of democracy and eradicate the silent majority.

Some of the names on this list will shock you… Abortion groups, open borders advocates, immigrant activists, groups to change the way we vote, socialist health care, climate change, “Catholics”, Socialists and Communists.

Truth & Action reports: They’re all here. 187 groups being…

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Here comes the Space Economy : Time for our Planet’s Quantum field technology upgrade

Forever Unlimited

Here comes the Space Economy : Time for our Planet’s Quantum field technology upgrade

The New Physics of the quantum field will create Zero Point Energy and Antigravity bringing about a Star Trek civilisation.  Further quantum field technologies are in the pipeline:- Teleportation, Time travel,  Floating Cities, Very High buildings,  Mass Creation,  Mass Replication and none invasive Age Regressive induction systems.

Zero point energy breaks the rule, “you cannot get something from nothing“,  and uses quantum field technology extracting energy in the local space-time by induction from the combination of exotic metals driven at very high electromagnetic signal strength as discovered by Nicola Tesla 110 years ago. The design is scalable, solid state, cool and silent.  You may ask why we have not used this energy since then, well the US government decided to hide ZPE tech as it would have stopped America’s economic…

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Cat Report

American Intelligence Media



Why haven’t we seen indictments and arrests here – this is really big. Dianne Feinstein is totally controlled by the Chinese and yet the Department of Justice hasn’t said a damn word. Are you getting pissed yet? Don’t forget her husband Richard Blum is knee-deep in election rigging with his AVID ISIS Management system used on the corporate media networks.

And then there was that time that she openly leaked CLASSIFIED data and it was no big deal because she had a cold? This is BULLSHIT, folks. Looks like the Department of Justice is the still the enemy of Americans and still run by British controlled Senior Executive Service.  To date, William Barr and the Department of Injustice have given us NOTHING to show that real justice is happening.

So pathetic…

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Change the World | The Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

Today we are going to ask you to change the world. Some of you will know that you are already doing that. But for those of you who do not, we want to return to a few simple concepts that we have discussed before. It will be beneficial to see them discussed together.

Changing the world seems to be a very daunting project to embark upon does it not? Pictures come to your minds of grandiose acts that change the course of history overnight. While that may seem to be what happens as you look at the historical record you have been given, it is not what happens. It never has been. We are excepting global and cosmic phenomena of course.

Historical change has always been made by mankind building upon previous change. Always. Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, Agricultural Revolution, and many more that you have no record of at this…

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