Made in God’s Image | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

A common thread runs through your life, and the thread is I. It is as if you ride the train of God. There is no getting off. God is here to stay. And I stay with you. You might say I am never far from you. It is more accurate to say that I am ever close to you, you who are so intimate with Me, so intimate, beloveds, that you are My very Self. How tenderly entwined are We.

You do not take a step without Me. Of course, you think you have. Sometimes you have thought that We are at opposite ends of the Earth, and yet, all the while, We move as One. We move as One, for We are One. We are One undeniable yet denied Oneness.

It is not possible for you to fall by the wayside. There is no wayside, for you…

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