Liberation From Old Realities ~ June 13, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Are you awake yet? Can you not see the truth of our current Earth Culture? Is you mind imprisoned into merely believing the lies of MSM? Are you aware that your health is being systematically destroyed by the multiple carcinogens in our world? Do you only live for “status” and money?

Wake up! Know that the Alternative Media IS telling truth despite it’s seemingly outrageous claims. If you have studied science at all, you will realize we are in a “paradigm change” where the current chaos will subside as current “conspiracy theories” are proven to be true. This IS a spiritual moment, live it, and be…



By: Teri Wade


much everything in our reality is fake. Our world is filled with an
extraordinary amount of lies, deception, fakery, disinformation,
misinformation, façades, and an incredible amount of brainwashing. But,
when you awaken you can use…

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