Manifestation ~ June 13, 2019

Rose Rambles...

FIFTY8 / Manifestation

live on a plane of mass, where we gain the understanding of God in the
form called matter. The real us is light/energy and consciousness which
is higher vibrationally than this physical plane. We decided to come
here in a vehicle to perceive this physical reality to better understand
emotion and learn how to manipulate energy.

is the power we have to create our reality. It is not our body, but
our imagination, our consciousness. I talk about how photography is
very similar to the concept of manifesting. In a way we are all
photographers and our physical body is like a physical camera. How we
focus and look at things, we continue to curate imagery consciously and

our desires, the final image is what we want to create. We only have
that moment, to focus on what we want to capture in…

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